How TAMAM developed

We worked in a participatory way. Mosque communities were heavily involved from day one. All subjects and questions were developed together with the participants. TAMAM thus is a project by Muslims for Muslims in order to allow more cultural education in mosque communities to happen. The Museum only provided the institutional framework and its collection.

We especially thank our co-operation partner the Institut for Islamic Theology at the University of Osnabrueck. For three years (2015-2018) the participants of the higher education class for Imams did contribute to the development of the educational material. Their demands and field experience were incorpareted at any time.

What does TAMAM want?

TAMAM improves cultural participation of Muslims and opens up the Museum to the more than ever diverse society. In addition to that TAMAM strengthens the social cohesion.

Who is TAMAM?

TAMAM is an educational project that developed 21 exercises of tantalizing materials for art education between 2015-2018. During that time a team of many Mosque communities and experts was working together with lots of energy and fun.


Youssef Adlah

i, Slam e.V.

Iftikhar Ahmed

Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat KdöR

Jilali Ait Daou

Teiba e.V./ Islamische Föderation Berlin e.V.

Feride Aktaş

Deutsche Islam-Akademie e.V.

Tutku Alawye

Muslime aller Herkunft deutscher Identität e.V. / Islamische Gemeinschaft der schiitischen Gemeinden Deutschlands e.V.

Jashar Dzaferi

Isa Beu Moschee e. V. / Union der Islamisch-Albanischen Zentren in Deutschland e.V.

Rasim Halili

Isa Beu Moschee e. V. / Union der Islamisch-Albanischen Zentren in Deutschland e.V.

Mersiha Hadziabdic

Islamisches Kulturzentrum der Bosniaken e.V.

Oǧuzhan Korkmaz

Verband der Islamischen Kulturzentren in Deutschland e.V.

Abed-Elrahman Madi

Zentralrat der Muslime in Deutschland e.V.

Salim Nasreddeen

Islamisches Jugendzentrum Berlin e. V.

Burak Örkün

Verband der Islamischen Kulturzentren in Deutschland e.V.

Michael Patock

Liberal-Islamischer-Bund e.V

Afifah Pribadi

Indonesisches Weisheits- und Kulturzentrum e.V.

Imam Rahmansyah

Indonesisches Weisheits- und Kulturzentrum e.V.

Kadir Şahin

Alevitische Gemeinde zu Berlin e. V.

Eda Şahin

DITIB Landesjugendverband Berlin

Sercan Sever

Muslimische Hochschulgruppe Berlin e. V.

Alper Soytürk

Islamische Föderation Berlin e.V.


Since 2018 we are focusing on educating volunteers from all over Germany and help them to start their own TAMAM classes in the Mosque of their hometown. We also set up and cultivate a network of volunteers all over Germany. Hit us up if you want to become part of it.


Çiǧdem Binbay, Diploma, Project Assistent

Çiğdem Binbay completed her diploma in event management at the Akademie Deutsche Pop Berlin.  Her focus here is on project management and marketing. She also volunteers in mosque communities. There she works in the field of public relations and regularly participates  in projects such as “Open Mosque Day” or “Permit, Muslim.” She also acts on the board of Young Müsiad Berlin and is therefore active in the field of business.


Shirin Haacke, M.A., Project Coordinator
Shirin Haacke completed her bachelor’s degree in Arabic studies as a major and political science as a minor at the Free University of Berlin. She obtained her master’s degree at the same university in Islamic Studies with a focus on “Islam in Europe”. She was a mentor in the Department of History and Cultural Studies, supports young people in Dialog macht Schule and is involved in several voluntary associations. In her previous work, she organized, among other things, school project days nationwide with a youth culture approach in the area of extremism prevention.

Projektteam (2015 – 2018)

Jilali Ait Daou

Religious pedagogy

Tutku Alawye


Gundula Avenarius

Museum educational service

Antje Canzler

Digital media designer

Jana Braun


Esther Ecke

Social media

Mersiha Hadziabdic


Christine Gerbich


Roman Singendonk

Project management 

Philipp Zobel

Art history

Ismael Yavuzcan


Rafiqa Younes

Religious pedagogy

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